What is fulfilment and what problems does it solve?

Advantages of Fulfillment

What is Fulfillment, and what problems does it solve? Fulfillment, also known as Third-Party Logistics (3PL), is an extremely beneficial logistics model for entrepreneurs running online stores. Outsourcing the entire order processing and fulfillment process to a specialized company allows the owner to focus on what they do best. Instead of spending time managing their own warehouse, the store can utilize an order fulfillment center that provides storage space for goods.

With fulfillment, the seller retains ownership of the inventory, while the 3PL provider handles the entire order processing process. When an order is placed, the logistics company picks, packs, and ships it on behalf of the store. This means you don’t have to worry about warehousing or hiring warehouse staff – Order Fulfillment Centers take care of these tasks for you.

Outsourcing fulfillment offers numerous benefits to the entrepreneur, with one of the most significant being time savings. Dealing with order processing can be very time-consuming, and by using 3PL services, the entrepreneur can focus on growing their store and activities that bring the most profit.

Additionally, a 3PL logistics company takes over payment processing, insurance, and product returns, further facilitating business operations. Businesses can also benefit from advisory services offered by fulfillment providers, contributing to better inventory management, optimization of logistics processes, and increased operational efficiency.

Disadvantages of Fulfillment

One of the drawbacks of fulfillment is the dependence of the store’s reputation on the quality of work of external companies, including warehouse staff. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a suitable, trustworthy, and proven 3PL service provider.

Another potential issue is the minimal order quantity required for fulfillment. Declarations of order quantity are often stipulated in fulfillment agreements. Stores that do not meet the minimum monthly order quantity conditions (usually around 100 orders) often do not receive offers because the volume is considered too small.

Another downside is that it is not always possible to customize packages sent to customers. Fulfillment may not fully address their aesthetic or marketing aspects. While some companies offer such services, they usually come at an additional cost.

If your store is well-established and ships more than 1000 packages per month, fulfillment may not be cost-effective. In such cases, priorities need to be set, and alternative solutions should be considered.


Advantages of Fulfillment:

  • Relieving responsibility, saving time, and eliminating work associated with order processing.
  • Better delivery prices due to a higher shipment volume.
  • No need to own a warehouse.

Disadvantages of Fulfillment:

  • Lack of full control over logistics processes.
  • In many cases, your store must fulfill more than 100 orders per month for your inquiry to be considered.
  • Limited customization possibilities due to standardization.

The conclusion is clear. Choosing the right 3PL provider capable of handling your volume is crucial. Fulfillment is an excellent solution for established online stores, allowing them to save time, money, focus on essential aspects of running a business, and benefit from professional logistics services.

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