Our Services

Learn about our comprehensive fullfilment services – from receiving goods to handling returns.



Receiving goods is the foundation of logistics processes in the warehouse. A well-organized inbound enables efficient picking and shipment to the customer. We receive your goods within 24 hours upon of receipt. 

We arrange the goods on the racks, recording each movement automatically in the warehouse system, so you can check the inventory and the status of the reception in your panel at any time.


Your goods are stored in a modern hall on specially marked shelves. Each location in the warehouse has a barcode, so nothing can get lost.

Our warehouse is suitable for storing goods from many industries. Thanks to our temperature-controlled facility, we excel at storing demanding product categories such as cosmetics, supplements, clothing, and toys.


The picking process begins with collecting (pick) and ends with packing (pack). We carefully pack the goods according to your requirements.

Double system verification, both in picking and packing, eliminates errors.

The customers always gets what they ordered.


Thanks to the integration with many courier and forwarding companies, we send shipments by the courier you choose.

You can use your own courier contract. Or we can send your shipments using our courier contracts. The choice is yours.

Return Logistics

We comprehensively handle returns from your customers. We check the condition of returned products. Products in perfect condition are returned to stock for resale.

In the system you can track the processing status of each return.


Customer service

You can also entrust us with customer service for your online store or account on a marketplace sales platform such as Allegro or Amazon. 

This service is especially aimed at foreign sellers. We can also completely manage your Allegro/ebay account or store.


Find the answer to the most frequently asked questions in LeanPack.

The fulfillment processes in LeanPack are very simple.
The customer’s goods are received and stored. When a customer places an order on the marketplace it appears in our systems, is processed, completed then packed and dispatched to the customer.

Yes, our company offers shipment tracking. Current statuses from the courier company or carrier are available in the customer panel.

To find out the cost of 3PL services, complete the contact form and you will receive an individual offer tailored specifically for you and your company. – we work with everyone, both larger companies and start-ups.

Yes, International shipments are not even the slightest problem for us. We work with dozens of couriers with whom we have negotiated competitive delivery rates.

Once you have signed the contract, we will give you access to a specially configured WMS system so that you can keep track of your stock.

Shipments are made the same day for orders placed before 3pm

Our operations are fully automated so that errors are eliminated to a minimum. In the event of any complaints, your dedicated account manager will help you through the process.

Yes, it is possible to send on your own courier contracts. However, we encourage you to use our courier contracts so that your company saves money on shipping.